Thursday, April 30, 2009


I had intended to post these drawings last night but my internet connection kept dropping. Same problem this morning. Hopefully I won't be having this on a continuing basis. It doesn't take long before one is totally addicted to the computer and the internet and can't function without it. That is the good news, bad news about technology.

These are a few of the drawings I did working on simplifying the image and stylizing a bit. I love interlaced fingers. They are so much fun to draw. I took out my fancy new drawing stick that I used at the drawing marathon and did a drawing on newsprint. It came out well enough that I jumped in and did a drawing of this woman on YUPO with a watercolor crayon. Tomorrow I will start to paint. In the meantime, I will keep my sketchbook filling up with more drawings.


Elizabeth Seaver said...

Wonderfully expressive line! I can't wait to see the paintings.

Sherry said...

The portraits you've been doing are wonderfully expressive. I really like the line quality of your contour drawings - And you're right about the hands.

jane ferguson said...

Hi Myrna,I love these so simple.

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