Monday, August 4, 2008


I spent hours today taking high resolution photos of my drawing to send to Strokes of Genius 2 for publication. They are so cleaver to have the artist do all the work. I had to set up a lighting system and find a black background, get a gray card, yada yada. I can't believe how difficult it seemed to be to get the lighting even on the image. My son, Kevin, is doing the adjustment and formatting, thank goodness. Otherwise it would have been pretty expensive for me to get this done. Anyway, I finally decided to wait until dark so there wouldn't be any extraneous light coming into the room. We finally have it properly formatted and ready to send in.

While I had everything set up, I decided to photograph a painting I did in school. I don't remember what class this was for. It is done on masonite with guache. It is a self portrait. I was very interested in fiber art during this period...everything but weaving. That was too slow and tedious for me. The jacket I am wearing I designed and pieced. The quilt in the background is fictional but references my interest in quilt imagery. The pose reminds me of the original Superman with Steve Reeves.

Nava wanted to see what I looked like back in the day so here I is!


Nava said...

Very cool. Love how you blend into the background!

Amy Sullivan said...

I love this portrait.
"I am woman hear me roar!"

Carole said...

Interesting that now you are revisiting the same imagery - the quilting - but in a more direct, invasive or intrinsic? way so many years later

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