Monday, August 25, 2008


Today is my 45th wedding anniversary. Tonight we were treated to a steak and king crab dinner prepared by two of my sons and my grandson. On Saturday we played tourist in San Francisco with our friends who share our anniversary week. Took the subway into the city, window shopped, went to a fabulous outdoor concert across from the Museum of Modern Art. Frieda Kahlo was just a breath away but we didn't take the time. Need to go back before the exhibit leaves. I took tons of great pictures of the musicians and the crowd dancing in the isles. I tried sketching but everybody was moving so much. It was good practice but nothing usable came from it. I need to spend more time developing the skills. Then we went to the farmers market in the Ferry building at the wharf. Took the ferry to Sausalito and back and had dinner at an overpriced restaurant next to the ferry building, then back home on the subway. It was a glorious day, the weather was perfect and I took so many photos I think my computer will explode when I download them.

I did get some drawing done but haven't photographed it yet. In the meantime, I thought I would post an image from the archives. This one used Utrect gesso (which is very thick) and I stamped into it while it was wet with an Indonesian batik stamp, then painted. I have been out of this type of gesso but recently ordered a large quantity. Can't wait to do this technique again.

I am hoping to get to a painting tomorrow. Life has been getting in the way lately and I am not getting much art done.


Amy Sullivan said...

Happy Anniversary to you & your guy!
That sounded like a fabulous day.

You sure can catch a persons thoughts.She is a very beautiful lady.

Joan said...

Myrna, I love visiting your blog and seeing what you're doing. Happy Anniversary! I also wanted to congratulate you on being selected for an award in the art magazine that just arrived in my mail. It's such fun to see your face/faces pop up unexpectedly! That painting and this one are wonderful!!

indiaartist said...

Happy anniversary to both of you! What a great day. Love this painting very much.warm greetings,

jill polsby said...

Many congratulations! Those of us who are married can really appreciate what it takes to celebrate such a milestone! 45 years! It's many more years spent with a spouse than any of us spent with our parents, which I find absolutely astounding whenever I think about it.

Peggy Stermer-Cox said...

Congratulations! I enjoyed your description of the day. I think I saw this painting before in Watercolor Magazine or somewhere. Anyway, I've always thought it was extraordinary. Hmmm, I have some Utrecht gesso, might have to try the technique!

Ambara said...

Happy Anniversay Myrna and Jerry, many more to come God willing. You must have been very young when you got married.

Cecelia said...

Congratulaions! That's remarkable. I'm always amazed at anniversaries. I got a divorce on my 1st anniversary, about 40 years ago! LOL!
What a wonderful trip!
When I'm trying to draw figures in action, I try to stick with things like gesture drawings and make notes or take a photo, if I want to remember more.
Love what you have done with this painting!
For everyone who likes to sketch, draw, or paint, the 20th World Wide Sketch Crawl has been announced for Saturday Oct. 25. You can look at their website for more information. .

Nava said...

Wow, 45 years - I'm at awe! Our 6th anniversary was last Saturday, and it feels like a major achievement. ;-)

RHCarpenter said...

Happy Anniversary! Sounds like a fantastic day - do go to the Kahlo exhibit and take photos!!! I'd love to see it.
And congrats on being a winner in the self-portrait contest in American Artist magazine - great painting!

David Lobenberg said...

45 years...big wife and I just celebrated our 60th anniversary!...Not! We are on our 28th, and I can't believe that time has gone by so swiftly! Very nice painting here and glad to know you will stay warm and cozy this winter while doing your wonderful art.

hilda said...

Congratulations.45 years wow.... It couldn't happen to a nicer couple.
Love to you both.

Hilda and Sharon

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