Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I texturized the dickens out of this piece of paper then kept piling on the paint. I used some of my new stamps in dots and
checks for the pattern. After I looked at it for a few days, I decided today to add the face and words. I drew the head with a Vis-a-Vis marker, created a little contouring with a wet brush and tried to lift the paint for highlights. Surprise! The paint wouldn't lift. It should have because I am working on a gesso surface. I will have to think on why no lifting. Perhaps one has to lift the paint while it is fairly fresh. This has been sitting since the weekend. I decided to use the white watercolor from the Dr. Martin's set for highlights. I wrote the words with my quill in full strength Payne's Gray , let it dry, and then squirted it with water to let the color run. I like the overall idea of texture but I think I may have gone overboard with the background and the white looks too pasty. I may try to put a glaze over the face or maybe over the entire painting to pull it all together. It's not a "keeper" but I think I am moving in on something.


Cecelia said...

It looks good on the computer!
I had a photo come back (actually, another lady took it at the last Sketch Crawl and sent it to me) and it had that same texturing that shows on the side of your upper lip, and also on the forehead. It wasn't in any other pictures. I guess we could call it artistic.
Love all the description of your process.

Nava said...

Interesting how different it looks on the computer than from how we saw it today. It looks sooooooooooo much better face to face!

Mike said...

Don't throw this one away, Myrna! You have something very unusual and masterly in this. Wait a while. It might grow on you.

This piece comes across in a deeply spritual way. don't touch it!!

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