Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I totally messed up the Tyvek painting. I plan to keep working on it with acrylic so I can cover up and correct the poor drawing which has created problems. I think I will make it more abstracted. I won't be able to get to it for a few days as I am hard at work cleaning out the library....going through bookshelves, drawers, cabinets, etc. in an effort to create a new space in which to work on my art during the colder months. My studio is in an unheated garage. Even in California, it is uncomfortable in the winter. I am slowly making progress.

I decided to get some drawing in this evening as I am watching the Olympics. I did about three sheets in my sketchbook tonight.
I love this man's face. He has a fantastic nose and a wonderfully haughty expression. Some of the drawings border on a Picasso quality but I like the distortion. This gave me an idea to start a painting this way, drawing multiple studies of the same face over the sheet and then add paint.


Cecelia said...

Interesting about what you thought of to draw during the Olympics on tv. I thought of doing gesture drawings of the athletes or my family as we watched, but, instead, my mind was on the situation in Georgia and I did a couple of sketches on that subject. I don't think that I can just sit and watch tv without paper and pen or pencil!
I know that you will come up with something wonderful with what you thought was a mistake. "Happy Accidents"!

David Lobenberg said...

Good contour drawings, and I like your idea of multiply (watercolor) paintings on a sheet...different sizes, angles and details. As we 60 somethings say...go for it Mryna! Or in the Olympic spirit...go for the gold, Mryna!

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