Friday, July 11, 2008


I am in Denver to attend my niece's wedding. The activities should keep me pretty busy but I brought my laptop along so I can keep up with e-mails and create a blog entry or two. We return on Monday, so this is a short little trip.

I decided to go back to one of my favorite images and see what I could do with it. My intention was to focus on line but I see that didn't happen with this one. The next one will be more line oriented. I painted this on Tyvek with it upright and didn't have that much running of pigment. In fact the paint absorbed right into the paper. I think the absorption is related to how much I dilute the paint with water...the more water the longer it sits on the surface. I drew the image with my oiler boiler filled with diluted liquid watercolor. I layered the color rather than co-mingling while wet. The effect is like glazing rather than wet into wet. This is what it looks like after the third session. I woke up early this morning, packed, had breakfast then spent a half hour painting. Took a fast photo and we were off to the airport. I see a few drips I didn't notice before. Hope I can lift those off now that they are dried. Wet paint comes right up. A little more tweaking and it will be done.


David Lobenberg said...

Clue me in please...what is Tyvek? I like the comp. and colors on his face.

RHCarpenter said...

Very intense and very interesting, Myrna :)

David Lobenberg said...

Thanks, Myrna, for the email explaining Tyvek.

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