Friday, July 18, 2008


So, here is the painting after another session. Is it finished? Ah, the constant dilemma....when to quit. It seems we can't stop fiddling with the image. This particular painting could be complete as it is. The problem I am presented with is this: I had a different idea when I started...more of an experiment with color and line. Do I play it safe and keep it the way it is, the way I usually paint .. OR.. do I risk screwing it up by adding watercolor crayon in various places as I had originally intended? I am inclined to push it and take a chance. See what happens. This isn't such an important painting and my whole idea was to try some new things. It's late. I'm tired. I will sleep on it.


Nava said...

Sound sot me like you made your decision: to risk it. Hey, live on the edge a bit.

(I don't think it will come to it, but - there's always gesso ;-)

Looking forward!

mary Crowell said...

I do understand the dilemma, I have it when making a floral design, when to quit! my friends always say less is better, but........I love it the way it is if that helps.

David Lobenberg said...

This is your conscience speaking...use the crayons!

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