Wednesday, August 19, 2015



I spent a wonderful week in Reno with the Sierra Watercolor Society.  I presented my Variations workshop and then on Saturday I had the pleasure of doing a demo for the entire society.  This is the painting I started.  Today I spent an hour finishing it up.  The surface is another torn tyvek collaged over a failed painting.  Here is what the painting looked like after the two hour demo.  Can you see the changes and refinements that I made?   
For the workshop, I have everyone using the same image and each day we create a variation with an emphasis on a different element.  Everyone has a different combination of major element, minor element, and color cord.  Here are my value element painting and line element painting.   The shape painting was a disaster!!   
Value Painting

Line Painting

Here are all the fabulous paintings that were created in four days. We were able to put them all on one wall.   Amazing variations and we were just getting started!   If you click on an image, you can see each photo in greater detail.  


Autumn Leaves said...

Oh this looks like it was a fabulous workshop and I so love the photo you used to work from; full of character!

Sadami said...

Hi, Myrna, thank you for sharing all the works. You're such a caring lady who always encourage participants and support them. Best wishes, Sadami

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