Friday, April 29, 2011


Sunnyvale Art Gallery presents a 3-day workshop with Myrna Wacknov!

Known for her unique creativity, she brings art onto a whole new level combing different elements to create one of a kind artwork

Description of Workshop

"Texture can be an exciting addition to portraiture.  In this workshop we will explore  various methods of creating both visual texture and physical texture.   Combining traditional and non traditional materials is new and adventurous ways we will be making our own stamps and stencils, creating one of a kind collage materials, and exploring multiple ways of texturing gesso as a painting surface.  Add in watercolor, acrylic, ink, crayons,and pencils for a portrait that is more than just a pretty face!" 

When: May 19- May 21 (Thursday-Saturday) 
Time: 9AM-4PM 
Where: Sunnyvale Art Gallery
Fee: $350.00 

Call us at (408) 737-8188 to sign up or stop by our gallery to secure your spot! 

I will be in Bend Oregon the week of July 25th at ART IN THE MOUNTAINS!  This is a fabulous venue.  Check my workshop schedule for the details.  There are spaces still available.  

I just scheduled a workshop for next year in July at a new venue MADELINE ISLAND SCHOOL OF THE ARTS in Wisconsin.  This looks like a very beautiful location that you should check out!

Tomorrow I leave for my much anticipated workshop in Broken Arrow, Oaklahoma (Tulsa area)  This will be a traditional portrait class and I will post everyone's progress while I am there.  Some of these ladies came to my first out of town workshop in Kansas City a few years ago and I am looking forward to renewing my friendship with them.

If you would be interested in having me conduct a workshop in your area next year, I have several dates available.  You can contact me at  

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AutumnLeaves said...

Oh you will be close to me next year in July. Well, the next state over, not that I actually know how far in miles. At any rate, I hope I can participate at that one!

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