Sunday, February 20, 2011


I started a second painting today, having prepared the surface a few days ago.  This surface is just gesso over an old painting and some torn  tyvek collaged on top.  There is no tissue and no pattern either on the tissue or stamped into wet gesso.  I thought I would photograph this one as I went along.  I started out drawing with my stick dipped into red acrylic ink.  As you can see, even though it is acrylic it is possible to make some adjustments and rub out unwanted lines.  I am using mostly acrylic ink for the paint on this one and I am finding that intense acrylic color fades quite a bit when applied to the tyvek surface.  If you look under the neck of the background figure you can see the difference between the gesso surface and the tyvek as that dark passage was painted at the same time.  This painting needs a little more work and then I am ready to try a new combination of techniques.


One Woman's Thoughts said...

I like the painting style and character the mediums have given your work. I am interested in the process and always find your blog inspirational.

RH Carpenter said...

The near woman has such a lovely light in her eyes - looks like someone I'd like to meet. I enjoy watching you create and change and repurpose and come up with beautiful art.

DavidD said...

You have captured a wonderful look here and I like the surface you have placed it upon. Thanks,

David Hunt

wandamarie said...

Wonderful faces! Yes, the tracing paper does come in handy for image placement decisions. Oh, and what is a "Lizard Lick # 4"?
Loving these new paintings!

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