Sunday, February 13, 2011


This is the painting I finished today.  I have been collaging over unsatisfactory paintings in preparation for my demonstration at Kanuga this year.  How did this painting evolve?  Well, I started with this:
He definitely needed something to cover him up!
Once the collage was dry, I went to my reference images and selected this one:
This is a photo I took in Israel of a store mannequin with the most outrageous hair!
And then this one:
Lips and earrings to die for!  The schmata on the head, not so much.
Stir it all together and Viola!

4 comments: said...

Love it Myrna,Love your last model,permission to draw this one.What fun we artist have.

RH Carpenter said...

Love it! You're going to be at Kanuga this spring? I'm going to have to check what's going on here. I've been told "Don't walk but RUN to a Myrna Wacknov workshop!"

meera said...

Love it!!!! What a transformation :)

Joyfulartist said...

I'm glad you didn't paint black lipes but the outrageous hair really makes it!

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