Thursday, February 10, 2011


I went to an afternoon life drawing session today.  Here is a sketch I did of some of the participants.  Not a great painting but I was happy with my approach starting with the most forward figure and working back from there.

I decided to draw the group because I was so bored with the model.  These afternoon sessions are designed for people who want to do a finished painting.  The same pose is held (with breaks, naturally) for two weeks.  This was the second week, so most of the participants already had their spots.  I wound up with a totally frontal view.  She was standing perfectly straight holding a staff.  Good Grief!  There was no  rhythm or life in this pose.  I will give it one more try next week but I think I am going to have to find another solution.  Perhaps I should just go sketching once a week where there are lots of people.  Anyone want to join me?

I did meet a very friendly gentleman who introduced himself as a follower of my blog!  It's nice to connect with people who are friends you didn't know you had.  Check out Drawn from Limb to Limb for some of the other drawings I made today.


donnamcm said...

We think alike. At my life drawing session, I drew the drawers too. I also get really bored with most of our life models--they should all be forced to study Buchman's DVD and his book to learn how to pose. He has such a great model, doesn't he!

One Woman's Thoughts said...

The best life drawing class I ever had included a very excentric and elderly man with a hunched over back and oversized clydesdale horse size feet. He was very out of shape with a long graying beard that had not been trimmed in years. He had a worn old cane that was a masterpiece of personality in itself. Hand carved and with beautiful coloring. His brown eyes had hooded lids and to look into them I felt drawn into his soul. His body spoke to me of life expereinces. I only wish I could have given him the respect and honor with my rendition of him that he so rightly deserved.

Dan Kent said...

I had to laugh - that is so funny. I can picture the stiff frontal view with the staff. I love the sketch of the artists. I'll sketch with you. My state borders the ocean too.

Kay said...

such a great post. I have been tired of most models. They need to let their character shine through. My first experience was in my first life drawing class as a 17 yr.old college student. The teacher was late (on purpose?), the model came in in a robe with a book. She took off her robe and revealed a rubenesque figure (in the days of Twiggy it was a shock). She sat down to read and we got used to the nude model quickly! Another model was a man in a beard. The men were to wear jock straps. (I had never seen a naked man!) This was his first time and he was the teacher put a paper bag over his head! I could have a book full of nude model happenings (especially here in conservative Mormon land)..but there is a good book I bought in San Francisco called "Undressed Art" by Peter Steinhart. A fun read.

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