Monday, May 10, 2010


This was done on my new i-pad by pulling up a photo of my drawing and then coloring it.  It is a combination of coloring book and finger painting!  I think I am in my second childhood with much more sophisticated toys.  The face is done with the "spray can" (airbrush effect) and the dots and cross hatching were a different tool and I don't know what that is called.  I am discovering more and more as I poke around try things out.  

Send me any images you have created digitally with a drawing program.  If I get enough, I can make a slide show .


Kay said...

wow..I want an IPad now..lovely

Kathy said...

Wonderful!! I never would have guessed that such great art could be created using this type of technology.

artybecca said...

I've never used any type of these drawing programs (yet), but I'm intrigued. I found this person, RubensLP, on flickr who does some amazing work...on his phone, no less!

Sherry said...

Very cool, Myrna. What is the name of the app?

jeanne said...

wow...that is really pretty!!

Mary Sonya Conti said...

in the late 90's through 2001 used the Corel paint program (unable to get the amount of materials available through that program to paint with) My old business cards were made in this program.

Susan Liles said...

Wonderful! The new toys are giving artists some great avenues to go down.
I've seen artists featured on the news doing plein aire paintings on street corners with their new toys, some are selling their images when printed out.

Myrna Wacknov said...

Hi Kay. It is a fun product and hopefully will be very useful, too!

Hi Kathy. You should check out some people that really know how to manipulate this kind of software. It would probably be worth getting a quality printer if my images get better. My printer ink fades way too fast to sell prints from it.

Becca, thanks for the link! This guy is amazing!!!!!!! I hope I get close to that ability. He is using a $10 program so probably has more features.

Sherry, thanks for commenting. The program I am using is called Art Studio, only $.99

Thanks, Jeanne.

Mary Sonja, thank you for sending me a computer generated image. I will post it when I get a few others.

Susan, It would be great if someone wanted to buy one of these little studies. I am thinking of taking the ipad out for a little sketching plein aire debut.

Joan said...

I love that you try anything and really succeed at it. This is great@

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