Sunday, May 16, 2010


I am satisfied with the mask images.  Can you identify these artistic women icons?  I was able to use my iPad at the Gallery even though there is no WiFi connection.  The 3G feature worked like a charm.  I googled the artists I wanted to honor, find images and enlarge them well enough to work from them.  I hadn't envisioned this benefit when I got the iPad.  For someone as myopic as I am, this is a fabulous feature.  

Perhaps today I will find the time to work on the rest of the compositions so I can start the painting next week.  I am enjoying  revisiting the life stories of these special women.


Kathy said...

I can see Frida Kahlo and Georgia O'Keeffe, but am unfamiliar with the others (although I'm certain that you've accurately rendered them!). I like your concept.

Jeff Chase said...

Love contests. I suspect Kathe Kollwitz and Alice Neel are the other two. Do I win anything?

Mark Sheeky said...

Wow! For the first time I see O'Keeffe's deer skull in Frida Kahlo's eyebrows. Must save that idea. Good likenessess.

Myrna Wacknov said...

Hi Kathy, I am sure you know the other two, at least by reputation as you are so scholarly!

Jeff, you got one out of two! Kathe Kollwitz was the first one I did, so she was already taken. If you can figure out the last one I will send you a prize!

Mark, what an interesting observation! Maybe all these women will morph together in some way!

NeS Project said...

Great work!

RHCarpenter said...

Oh, two of my faves - Frida and Georgia!! I'm glad you are planning so much and aren't letting your need for color make you start too soon (all the planning will end positively, I'm sure).

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