Thursday, September 10, 2009


Click on the title and you will go directly to Donna Zagotta's blog. She created a great challenge for herself and invited all of us to join in. The idea is to do full figures using only a brush and paint, creating a silouette. She is committed to doing 1,000 drawings. I am committing to doing at least 10 a day indefinitely. I started out using an old phone book and old paint in a palette I wanted to clean out. This is a great way to use up paint. I filled in about 25 pages of the phone book and then remembered that I have this watercolor paper that is too thin for finished paintings. The long format is great for a series of figures. After I filled the page, I decided to go back in and do a contour line drawing on top. The images are from a GAP ad filled with small figures in very enthusiastic poses. Lots of fun for this project.

Doing these figures is a great way to improve your figures skills and a wonderful warm up to get in the mood for painting for the day. Hope you join in the fun.


Mary Paquet said...

Myrna, what a terrific challenge. I love Donna Zagotta's work, and she puts in the time to improve her skills. The use of line over the silouette is very effective!

teri said...

this is brilliant!!!!
can't wait to get to the studio and work on this
thanks for another great hint!

Anonymous said...

sounds like fun, I am up for the challenge, this will be my project for this weekend. thanks for the inspiration Myrna.

Donna Zagotta said...

Hi Myrna,
How fun that you are participating in my silhouette project - and BTW-your silhouettes are fabulous and very inspiring!
And ----to everyone who plans to participate in The Silhouette Project ---- stay tuned to my blog. Part 3 will have more tips for constructing silhouettes, and there will also be an upcoming special announcement that includes a prize!

po said...

These are WONDERful.
I tuned into Donna's blog too and it's inspired me to FINALly pick up my paint brush again.
Thanks for a double dose of inspiration.
What's a GAP?
I love resource books like this.

Myrna said...

Hi Po,
The GAP is a US clothing store that sells jeans, t-shirts, etc. Maybe they don't capitalize the letters. It might be "The Gap".

po said...

lol .... that was too easy, just didn't THink in that direction.
I assumed it was some AMaZing art reference book.
Thanks Myrna.
Your work as always is a ConStant inspiration.

Sherry said...

LOL, for a while I was painting my demons in an old phone book, this was after I read Lynda Barry's book One! Hundred! Demons! Her are amazing, but mine were just soul satisfying. This looks like a satisfying way to start each day too.

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