Thursday, September 3, 2009


I have created two slides shows from photos I took in Ransom Canyon, Texas. Local residents may be upset as they have this secret little private beauty spot hidden away, mostly unknown by the rest of the world. Once word gets out, they may be inundated with strangers wanting to have a little piece of heaven all their own, too.

This second slide show is of a very special house built by an architect who wanted to live inside a sculpture! It is totally unique and intriguing. It is my understanding that he built it himself out of welded sheets of rusted metal. Sadly, he passed away last year in the prime of his life and the house is unfinished on the inside and not really landscaped on the outside. Still, an amazing accomplishment. I wish I was able to get inside, but we peered through the front door and I did my best to take a few pictures. He also designed a house situated across the road from his. This house has mosaic tile on its spiraling roof. Reminded me of the wonders in Barcelona by Gaudi.

I will be visiting my sister over the holiday weekend. A day in Chicago on Saturday will be especially fun. Hopefully I will come back with some interesting photos. A wish for all of you to have a happy and safe holiday weekend, too.


Cynthia said...

wow, what architecture,,interesting.

Mary Paquet said...

This place is a real treasure. Thanks for the lovely slide show. I love the way the sculpture house slide show is built -- very interesting, and it shows off the beauty of the two houses.

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