Sunday, September 6, 2009


I'm visiting my sister and brother-in-law in Eastern Iowa, not too far from Chicago. So we took the train into the big city for the day. We were treated to a tour of the new modern wing of the Chicago Art Institute by a friend who has a Master's in Art History and is a docent. This new wing has only been open since May. I will post some of the famous works in this museum tomorrow. First I wanted to share some of the exciting outdoor art that is part of Millennium Park. Here I am photographing myself reflected in "The Bean" I couldn't figure out how to position the camera so I showed up in the shot without the camera up to my face. I need to practice taking pictures holding the camera low.

There are two fountains facing each other with a shallow basin that catches the water. These fountains are tall rectangular structures with a photograph of a face on the front. The face blinks from time to time, smiles sometimes and eventually purses the lips and a stream of water gushes forth! What fun!!! The kids playing in the fountain were having a ball. After the spouting of water, a different face appears on the rectangle and the process starts all over again. Chicago is full of wonderful outdoor sculpture but this one is the most fun, except, of course, for "The Bean" which everyone had fun creating interesting optical illusions on its reflective, convex and concave surface.


teri said...

I have been there ... I knew you were at the "bean" ... even before I read your words ... the fountains were not on when I was there... looks like the kids are enjoying the water. Glad you were able to enjoy Chi town ... I love visiting there, but HATE the traffic.

Joyfulartist said...

Taking a train is the only way to go. It beats driving there by a mile. We drive out of our way to get around Chicago but never stop. Looks like maybe we should.

lifeartist said...

Millennium Park is a gigantic hit! Visitors and residents just love the sculpture and the Frank Gehry bandshell. The image on the fountains are ordinary Chicagoans and the images change with each spurt of water. It's tons of fun!

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