Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Here are the profile demo and children's portrait demo I did last week. The profile is of my daughter-in-law. For some reason, the photo I took of the painting had the color way off. I did my best to adjust it in the computer but it isn't right. The painting does have that beautiful sunset late afternoon glow in the hair and the face in shadow. This one is on Tyvek. Eve-Marie always comes out doll like when I paint her. Maybe she is too pretty with even features. I should do her again. Demo's don't allow for a lot of fussing and correction.

The child portrait is my oldest son when he was about 8. The kids were playing pirate and my husband took a beautiful photo of him. This painting is on 140lb cold press Arches watercolor paper. I like to paint on this surface now and again to prove to myself that I still can!

Tomorrow I will put up another slide show of the last student paintings from the workshop.


Dorothy said...

Painting of your son is exquisite. You are one talented artist!

Cindi said...

myrna.. enjoyed them both.. great colors in your DIL.. but th eosn paining is scrumptious.. yes you CAN, still do it!!!!

jgr said...

I agree, both paintings are excellent! You are very talented. Thank you for sharing, I will be back to see more.

Joyfulartist said...

The painting on Tyvek still drives me nuts! I've tried and can't get paint to stick to Tyvek you must coat it with something! I love what you do and hope I can get in on one of your workshops sometime.

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