Thursday, December 11, 2008


I went to a Holiday Party today for our critique group. It was at a beautiful country club and everything was special. The elegant atmosphere, fun table decorations, great food, fun people and a very generous hostess. We each went home with a miniature painting by a fellow artist and learned a little more about each other. Turns out that individuals in this group have broken into jail, danced on table tops to crowds of cheering people, participated in beauty pageants and had tea with THE Queen, among other things. Who knew I hung out with such wild, wicked and oh, so proper women?

The only art I managed to do today was a few sketches of the people sitting in the waiting room of the lab where I went for a blood test. Nothing great but I am developing the habit of pulling out a sketch book instead of reading the gossip magazines.

The above is a drawing I did when I had more time and wanted a detailed study in preparation for a painting. So far, no plans for the painting but I am pleased with the graphite rendering.


meera said...

Its wonderful to read about your methods of sketching and painting and I envy the art community you have around you!!! So happy about the internet that somewhat wipes away the distances. BTW your website is one of the ones on my bloglist -:)

Cecelia said...

The drawing is beautiful, Myrna!
Like you, I have my sketchbook, travel watercolors, etc. with me at all times. We spent Wednesday at the hospital where my grandson had surgery on his ankle. While his mom had to go pick up her younger son from school, etc. I sat in the lobby and drew. I drew him in the room before he went into surgery. A long wait. And then, all afternoon, we had a rare treat. Snow! About 3". Our last decent snow was in the 1970's, so everyone got the Christmas spirit around town. Beautiful scenery.
I even draw when I go visit my aunt in the nursing home. The other residents and aides love to watch.

Mike said...

Oh, Please !!! You must name names of these women. Inquiring minds and all that, you know!!


Beautiful drawing, Myrna! Exquisite hands! I WISH I could do as well.

Right on for the sketch book! Never quit!

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