Friday, December 5, 2008


This is almost the last triad I will be doing. One more tomorrow and then on to split primarys. There are two versions of that. I am following Nita Leland's book and using her combinations. The truth is that there are limitless combinations of red, yellow and blue. So far none of these combinations I have tried work for all mixes. If the greens and purples look great, the orange range doesn't and if the orange looks good, the greens are dull. The split primary concept solves these color problems but I am getting ahead of myself.

This is the combination of a cool Yellow, Quin Magenta and Thalo Blue. Hansa Yellow was called for but I didn't have it, so I started to research. I do have Cad Yellow Lemon but I don't like working with Cad colors because I prefer a transparent color. Aureolin was the closest I came, so I used it. After all my research, I think Hansa Yellow Light is my prefered pigment for a lemon yellow color. Dull oranges with this combo because of the Magenta but the violets and greens are gorgeous I rather like this little man.

I spent a few hours roaming around Michael's craft store seeing what ideas I could get. I had it in my head that they had empty bottles with dauber tops.. I could swear I saw them when I was in Thousand Oaks. That is the biggest Michaels I have ever seen and they have lots more "stuff". Anyway, the closest I could find was a bottle filled with stamp ink remover. I will empty the bottle and fill it with a mid value liquid watercolor for fast sketching. I thought I could quickly lay in the mass and then go back with line. We'll see how that idea works out. If anybody knows where I can find empty bottles with this kind of top, let me know.

I bought a few $.99 magnetic picture frames for small 4 x 6 paintings I plan to give as little gifts for the holidays. They had ugly patterns on the frames so I covered them with thick gesso and stamped into them. I will paint them tomorrow. The frame is more trouble than the picture to go in it!


Peggy Stermer-Cox said...

Hi Myrna, I've enjoyed your triad color studies. You achieve interesting colors and values. I like how you can get so much out of one design!

Anonymous said...

Maybe this is similar to the bottle you're looking for

Anonymous said...

this may be another possibility

Myrna said...

Thank you, Phyllis. This is a little different top but it would work, I think. Never thought about an office supply store. I will go today and check it out!

Cecelia said...

When I was teaching, I used to order empty ink bottles and fill them from a large bottle of India Ink. When I used up the ink in sets I had purchased, I saved those for refilling. That may be what you are talking about. I ordered from Dick Blick.
That Scribbler site is fun!
Your color harmonies are interesting. I did those with my students, but we mainly worked with basic colors.

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