Sunday, December 14, 2008


I am having difficulties with technology today. My internet connection comes and goes and it is my computer that is the problem. My "experts" can't figure it out. I am also having trouble adjusting my digital image to reflect the proper color and value. This is as close as I can get. Not quite right, but you get the idea. I tried some different stamps and texturizing ideas, then painted using the same palette as yesterday but I didn't use the yellows and Burnt Sienna. The only red was Brown Madder and the "yellow" was an olive yellow green. It actually is Seniellier 's (spelling is wrong but I am too lazy to get up and look at the paint tube) Quin Gold. It is very different from any other brand and is very greenish. Works perfectly for this palette. I used Neutral Tint, Payne's Gray, Indigo and Indanthrone Blue as my other colors. I wanted a dominance of cool colors. The value pattern was my attempt to follow the Rembrandt scheme as described by Robert Burridge in his last two newsletters. I'm not sure I achieved it but the results are satisfying. That really is the point, anyway. It doesn't matter if you "get the right answer". It isn't math. By having an idea to work from it gives you a starting point and then the painting takes on a life of it's own and you work to resolve whatever challenges show up. If the best solution doesn't match the original concept, who cares?

Tomorrow is the 80/20 warm dominant painting with this drawing. Then I am going to see how a more realistic rendering looks over all this texture.


gasmatjj said...

(: sorry for the randomness, but i was just bored and clicking "next blog" and stumbled upon yours

your amazing at what you do, and ill keep checking back to see more of your work

Chris Beck said...

I'm enjoying all your color experiments, Myrna. I really like the use of texture too. I'd been thinking of trying something like this for a while and now I'm inspired to give it a shot.

RHCarpenter said...

As much as I love blues - and I do, I do love blues! - I liked the previous one better - I'll have to compare them to find out why. Looking forward to more more more! Sorry about the computer gremlins - is it time for a new computer system from Santa?

Maggie Metcalf said...

I've had similar issues and was resetting the router every few days.Samantha suggested Adware {must be good, the Metallica fan club uses it!} which found >200 viruses! Did not wish to purchase their software to remove them so my son installed 'Spy Bot Search and Destroy' for free and gave me a clean bill of health, for now. My daughter, home from college has cautioned me to be more selective in my web browsing.
PS-Watching you paint and explain your technique on Sat. really 'pulled it together' for me. I cannot overstate the value of live demonstrations--plus you are always so generous with your knowlege. Thanks!

Sherry said...

I'll be contrary. As much as I gravitate to warm colors, I think the cool colors work better on this portrait. Love the texture.

sharon said...

i love both of these and can visualize them done in fabric!

trish said...

I just found your blog today and I'm so glad-I love your work!! I look forward to visiting again (going to add you to my links so I won't forget:)
have a great day

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