Wednesday, December 3, 2008


These Frenchmen are sure looking strange! I paid particular attention to my value study today and then attempted to mix as many colors in that value with the 3 hues I was working with. Consequently, the paintings have more colors than I might ordinarily use in one area. I am also exploring the different neutrals. I am going to stick with this particular drawing for all the primary triad combinations and then I am going to pick a different drawing for the next series of color explorations.

The other thing I did today was make a sketch book out of one piece of watercolor paper. I am very excited about this idea. In fact, I dreamed about it last night and couldn't wait to make one this morning. Here is the website for instructions.


Nava said...

The movie "Hannibal Rising" comes to mind ;-)

I actually like these darker color combinations - they are less obvious somehow.

And - what an incredibly cool trick with the folded sketchbook!

Marilyn Fuerstenberg said...

I like these new triads you are trying. I tried Nita's modern split primary. I liked it. you can see it on my blog

I wouldn't mind an honest critique.

Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

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