Sunday, February 3, 2008


I had a great two day workshop sponsored by Society of Western Artists. My watercolor portrait workshop is usually 5 days, so we didn't get as much covered as I would like but everyone had a good start on their painting. I didn't photograph anyone's work because it wasn't finished but I was able to complete my demo painting. Everyone explored the fun of Tyvek paper. Paint acts so differently on this paper that it takes some practice to get the results you want. The workshop was in the office of a landscape architect with amazing space and ambiance. There is an empty office next door to hers that may be a possible place for me to set up my own workshop on the Peninsula. I will explore this possibility. Lack of a convenient location for Peninsula and South Bay students has held me back so far. I'm not scheduled to do a workshop for the south bay until 2010!

I decided to post my reference photo this time and the first stage then the finished piece. I like this face. I think I will do it again on Wednesday when I do a demo for the Santa Clara Art Association monthly meeting. I will create a different composition. I have another shot of this woman in a slightly different pose and expression. Perhaps I will work with that image.

I really get carried away with hat brims! Exaggeration is a wonderful tool for the artist. I plan to work with this more expressive idea a lot more.

My drawing is ready for my first February Challenge painting. I am excited about the image and anxious to get started. Now all I have to figure out is how I am going to work in doing my taxes this week and still paint every day. This should be my most difficult problem in life!


Nava said...

Though I'm guessing this is not your image for the month, I think it's still eligible as your first candidate. Definitely has a lot of great shapes, and some real nice wet-into-wet effects!

Again - I am debating between a couple of images for the challenge -this one's causing me to go for a figure with a hat!

lynlynch said...

I love hats. I have a huge reference file of them. I like this image, Myrna, and what you have done with it. I'm working with the transparent palette from "Making Color Sing" by Jeanne Dobie trying to minimize the wet-wet aspects of my paintings. I'm using too much water.

Kate said...

OMG I just visited your blog randomly and saw your paintings.
It's awsome and I like it.
I don't know so much about the art things, but I just like this.
When I looked at this, I felt like I want to be old enough to have a deep air which a woman in middle has. ;)

quna said...

you are an amazing artest and i find that you doing this is very creative and original!

The Answerer said...

After viewing 5 or 6 of your paintings - and I felt that each one illustrates a piercing emotion from the subject. Fabulous! We especially feel the elder lady in the fine hat. It's all in her eyes! If you have any questions, please ask me.

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