Friday, February 1, 2008


FINALLY! I feel ready to move on now. I had to finish this painting. I decided to make it look like a quilt square. The tape I used did a great job of keeping the lines clean. There was no leakage underneath. It was important to do the 8th head with as much detail and care as the first. This is a very different image than I have done before. I am interested in hearing how others respond to the multiple image in one painting.

I have been thinking about the February challenge for a while. It got more and more complicated as I thought of more and more interesting elements. Finally, I decided I needed to save some of these ideas for another challenge. So, here is what I decided I wanted to work on this month. I want to put the rest of the 3 requirements that were the January challenge aside for at least a month. We will get back to them but I was sick of this woman and want to do something else for now. I would like to create some paintings using the Pose Maniac website. I am a figurative painter, so this is the subject that gets me excited. It is difficult to paint good paintings when you aren't engaged in the subject. So, if figures aren't your thing, choose a subject that inspires you.

The next thing I want to work on is painting wet into wet. I know how to do it but I want to really focus on this technique. Lately I have been so taken with artists that are masters of wet into wet. I plan to really study their work. Shirley Trevena comes to mind, Don Andrews is a master, Charles Reid has a different way of flowing colors together. The latest issue of Amercian Artist features a father/daughter David and Jae Drummond who do exquisite wet into wet. The latest issue of the Artist Magazine has an article by Brigit O'Connor's florals done wet into wet. I'm sure I will discover many more when I search through my books and magazines. If this isn't a technique that you want to explore, pick your own.

The last thing I am going to focus on this month is shapes. I am not a shape painter so this is an area for greater investigation. Now for the twist! I am going to combine the "shape" element with one additional design element. Each painting will combine "shape" with a different additional element. I am going to start with Shape and Line. I am going to stick to the same image for the month. Your creative muscles get stretched farther this way. I'm excited to get started on this challenge.

To recap: Pick a subject that gets your heart racing, then pick a technique to explore for the month, lastly choose one design element for the month and add a different design element with each painting.

I will be teaching Saturday and Sunday so it will be Monday before I can put brush to paper. I will post my demo and hopefully my students work, with their permission.


Nava said...
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Nava said...


And boy what a project!! If I didn't know which head you started with (I actually had to peep in your first kaleidoscope post), I wouldn't be able to tell. I think you succeeded, big time, with what you were trying to achieve here. I also think you won't paint this woman ever again ;-)

The result opens a bog door for all kinds of interpretations. I wonder how you'll title it.

Thank you for the new challenge - I find myself stuck (always happens after a workshop!!!), so I hope this new challenge will get me going.

Tracy Wandling said...

This turned out beautifully. It is fascinating to look at. Very cool.
February's project is going to be tricky. I would like to learn the wet in wet too, but I think I need to see it done in person, and have a teacher here. So I'll try to think of something else. Was kinda hoping you'd TELL me what to do! LOL.
Off to find a subject...maybe that will help me think of a technique...

Michelle Himes said...

Myrna, this is absolutely super! I love the design! The multiple portraits are well done, the colors are glorious, and I am reminded a little of Escher. I also like the quilt angle. You HAVE to enter this in a show. Now you need to think of a good title for it.

Myrna Wacknov said...

We could have some fun with titling it. Everybody post your suggested title here in the comment section. A favorite quote of mine is "where ever you go, there you are." Any other suggestions?

Nava said...

How about "sourpuss-go-round"? :-)

OK, seriously - I like your title.

My suggestions:, "At Eye Level".
Or, on a more somber mood, "No Escape".

RHCarpenter said...

Beautifully done and congrats on sticking to this and finishing it with such flair!! Really a winner, as Nava says - enter it in a show, definitely!
I'm thinking, "Looking Back at Me" because I see her looking at herself and then looking away from herself - but I really like your title.

Michelle Himes said...

"I Don't Know If I'm Coming or Going"
"Here's Looking at You"

lynlynch said...

Interesting painting. I've enjoyed the journey. What were you thinking as you made it, that's generally the title. I like "Wherever you go, there you are", although it's a bit long.

I have too many ideas for next month. February 2008 Watercolor Artist's cover story is a guilded checkerboard behind a portrait. I'm thinking something along those lines. I took some photographs for a possible grid idea, too.

I am so inspired by you, Myrna, and grateful.

Mary Lou said...

Beautiful finish Myrna!
Also, I rec'd my March issue of Artists Magazine yesterday. And there YOU are!! :)

Mary Lou

sunny said...

It is amazing that you can stay consistence on all the heads. My hand probably will fall off on the 4th head.
suggestion on title:
"where to go?"
This painting reminds me the look of many ladies in nursing home.

Nava said...

Myrna, even The JohnnyB was impressed by this painting (and you know he is not easily impressed...).

He votes - both hands - for "where ever you go, there you are". It's both funny and very profound.

RHCarpenter said...

Or "Let's face it" or "Just face it" I still think your choice is the best so far :)

Marilyn said...

WOW! I actually got goose bumps looking at this. AMAZING! To see this painting in person would make my day. Thank you for sharing your experince.

Joan said...

This came out so great!! What a wonderful concept for a painting! Congratulations on being in the Artists' Magazine. It's fun to see someone that I know something about!

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