Monday, February 11, 2008


We are in Kansas City (actually Overland Park, Ks. but it's always Kansas City to me) to celebrate a brother-in-law's 90th birthday tomorrow. It was fun to see some brilliant Californian outside the airport waiting for the shuttle bus to the rental car building wearing flip flops and a sweatshirt in 12 degree weather. Some people need to pack their brains as well as their toothbrush. Being of hardy Midwestern stock, we are managing in the cold.
We had dinner tonight with my husband's oldest brother who is a most remarkable 85 years young! (In this family we are the babies!!!!) Anyway, Paul was telling me about this painting. I took the photo that inspired this painting of my husband and his brother on a beautiful autumn day in KC a few years ago. Paul takes a vigorous walk each morning with a bag of doggie treats in his hand and he greets all the animals along the way and gives them a little snack. Recently Paul was talking with the owner of this beautiful miniature collie and was told the dog had since died. Paul made a copy of the painting for them and left it on their doorstep. He told me it made them so very happy. It's really nice to know that your art can make a difference in someone's life. I did mention to Paul that I have the copyrights to that image and that he was illegally reproducing my work. He gave me a kiss in payment, so now we are squared away!


Nava said...

i hope you survive the cold. We brilliant Californians are still enjoying the nice weather, just so you know... I'm sure you're happy for us. ;-)

RHCarpenter said...

Yes, it is cold but I know you would never go out in the teens with flipflops and shorts! As for the painting, it's lovely and fresh and as for the copyright, well, sometimes kindess trumps copyright, I guess :) Sounds like a wonderful thing he did for them and he sounds like a very caring person. Enjoy your family visit and come back safe and sound.

Dot said...

What a sweet thoughtful thing he did. Your right.. the benefits of art are limitless. Wonderful story.

Cecelia said...

Love the watercolor!
FYI Do you know about the One World-One Heart event for bloggers? Go to my website for links and more info. I found out about it late, put my info on and signed up last night. Thunderstorms this morning had me off line, so now I'm trying to let other bloggers know about it. The deadline is mignight tonight, to add your name to the group list. Drawings are to be done on Valentine's Day. Seems to be fun.
I have jury duty tomorrow, an art show Friday, so this kind of fell at the wrong time for me, but I am participating.
Stay warm!

Ambara said...

I probably would be in T-shirt and flip flops in 12 degrees weather, the last couple of days we were in deep freeze -30 (celcius) how about that? plus snow..snow..snow, which to me is the best thing about winter, imagine cold weather without snow, now that is brutal.

Tracy Wandling said...

A kiss for a painting...sounds like a good trade! Lovely story...some people are just sweet, aren't they?
We went from -42C (which, oddly enough, is the same in F) on Saturday to +2C on Monday (that's +30-something to you). The world is a strange, strange place...but it was a joy to feel the warmth of the sun on my face after 2 weeks of frostbite weather! Who knows what tomorrow may bring!!

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