Thursday, May 1, 2014


This is my idea of Plane Air painting!  No wind, no rain, no bugs, comfortable seat (relatively speaking compared to sitting on the ground or a rock!) I have been doing a ridiculous amount of travel lately and this is a little sketch I did on the way to Orcas Island in Washington state.  I try to use a photo in the magazine provided by the airlines.  Not much to pick from this time but I do like her face and I was trying out a different digital app.  I have downloaded so many but keep going back to the same ones, so I decided to expand my knowledge and try something else.  This one is called Art Studio.  All these programs have similarities but differences, as well.  This one had some ways of working with the brushes that seemed different.  One sort of smudged what you had put down like it was pastel.  Anyway, I was having fun and passing the time. 

Repacking today and then off again for the weekend.  I am looking forward to being home on Monday and then having the entire month free to paint.  

If you want to enter the San Diego Watercolor Society International exhibition, May 10th is the deadline.  You can go to their website for information.  Skip Lawrence is the judge this year.  I took a chance with my very experimental "Evolution" painting.  I won't be surprised if it is not accepted but I like it and if any juror is going to appreciate it, I think Skip would be the one.   You have to test the waters and not getting into a show is not the end of the world.  


Jo Murray said...

Just beautiful...and a very productive way to spend a flight.

Carol Nelson said...

You did that on your iPad?!?! On a plane?!?!?
That's just awesome in so many ways.

Meera Rao said...

Oh, I like this! You make me motivated to learn my apps better which I just keep saying but not trying:(

I had the pleasure of viewing your painting "fifty Years
later" -part of traveling NWS watercolor show here in Newport News VA at the Penninsula Fine Arts center ! Loved all the texture, color and emotion in it! Did not have a camera on me to take a pic - I will do that on my next visit - I have to go again and enjoy them all a second round :)

Michelle Himes said...

This is beautiful, Myrna. You are getting good with this digital stuff.

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