Friday, June 29, 2012


50/50 #10
Well, I couldn't resist!  This was done on a deli paper covered with acrylic pattern that had gold and red
as the dominant hue.  I thought the line alone would get lost, so I added a light gold and white highlights with a little diluted ink for the shadows.   I have given more depth to subsequent images (which I will post in the coming days).  I was concerned that it wouldn't look right with the images done with just ink.  Fortunately, when intermingled with the others, they have a cohesive quality.  These do not have to be hung in order of completion.  If will be an interesting shuffling act when I am ready to put the entire 49 panels together. 

Tonight is a meeting of the artists that are participating in the 50/50 show.  I am looking forward to seeing what others are doing.  So far I have only seen my friend, Leslie Lambert's work.  Love what she is doing.  Can't wait to see some of the others.  I think it will be a violation to photograph tonight, so I will have to wait until the show opens to share images with all of you. 

 In the meantime, perhaps you might want to consider doing a series of small works, yourself.  It is presents some interesting problems to be solved.  Solving problems creates growth.


Jo Murray said...

Your portarits (self and others) are so skilful and accomplished. LOVE your work.

Myrna Wacknov said...

Thank you, Jo. I am flattered!

. said...

I just love the texture of it, lovely work as always. I sure cant wait to get started on some small (and big) projects, in less than two weks I get my studio, oh boy!!!

Myrna Wacknov said...

How exciting to have a new studio! Congratulations. Be sure and share the exciting work that will come from the new studio.

CrimsonLeaves said...

So beautiful, Myrna! I love this one; so rich in hue!

Ruth Armitage said...

Hi Myrna,
I'm really enjoying watching your progress on this project! I may have to try something like it myself :)

Meera Rao said...

Myrna, it absolutely glows! I too painted two 2x3" miniatures this past week andagree with you that it is quite a challengi! Can't wait to see your 50/50 all together!

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