Monday, June 25, 2012


50/50 7

50/50 (7)

I can see it will be a challenge to come up with blog entry titles 50 different ways!    Here is the next one in the series.  I like how this turned out.  Since I am drawing directly with ink, there is no turning back, correcting mistakes or "do-overs".  They gave me two extra boards, so if I do have 2 do-over options.  I guess I could gesso over a disaster if it came to that.  So far I like some better than others but all are usable.    

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CrimsonLeaves said...

I just find your portraits mesmerizing, Myrna. I always have. Your subjects have the most interesting faces and I can imagine the stories they would tell. This gentleman looks to have a sweetness and maybe some sadness within.

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