Friday, June 1, 2012


My daughter in law's sister had a beautiful baby boy.  My gift to the couple was a portrait of the baby.  I guess they couldn't wait until Nathan was able to sit up, as they sent me their favorite photo with him reclining.  It makes for an awkward pose but I soldiered on.  I am dering the painting this weekend to Eve-Marie and she can hand deliver it to her sister.  It seems safe arrival is assured this way.  

I also received news yesterday that I was among the 72 artists out of 120 selected to participate in the 50/50 exhibit at the Sanchez Art Center in Pacifica.  This is where I will produce 50 6" square paintings in 50 days.  I look forward to seeing the final exhibit.  I love the look of lots of small related paintings shown together.

I am off to Cambria for the weekend.  Robert Burridge is having a gallery opening tonight in San Luis Obsibo.  Cambria is just a few miles away, so I am excited to be able to attend.  It should be lots of fun if Bob had anything to do with the planning! 


Janina B. said...

Sehr liebevoll;-)

Jo Murray said...

They'll love this! It's a beautiful portrait.

Sadami said...

So lovely portrait. How nice you are! And congrats on your selection!
Kind regards,Sadami

CrimsonLeaves said...

I knew you'd make it into that 50/50 show, Myrna. I hope you'll share each of the pieces here.

Your portrait of the baby boy is exquisite. I love the softness to it, so perfect for the innocence of babes.

ElonHarriet said...

Being accepted is a great birthday present and co-incidentally 50 just the same as your age!

Barb Sailor said...

What a happy baby and beautiful portrait!
The 50/50 experience sounds so exciting and rewarding.

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