Friday, February 24, 2012



I seem to be vacillating between two extremes.  I keep reading how an artist is supposed to build a body of work in a particular, consistent, style that will be identified with that person.  It has merit for marketing you work.  For some reason, I am not concerned about that, so I feel free to explore all kinds of materials, ways of working and degrees of representation to abstraction as the mood strikes me.  

Mike suggested I change the value pattern so I decided to go for back lit figures.  I love that look.  Lots of people in the class are using big "Skipper" brushes and doing exciting work.  I decided to give that a try using heavy body acrylic.  Can you believe it, I didn't own a single "Skipper" brush (sold by Cheap Joe and names for Skip Lawrence, who is a master of this type of brush!)  I went to Accent Arts (my favorite local art supplier in Palo Alto) and found a few brushes that looked somewhat similar.  I had such a good time slinging paint.  I have one small adjustment to make and then the painting is done.  I only used these two brushes, and....I discovered moving paint around with my finger was quite effective!  So, two brushes and a finger....well, maybe more than one finger, as I didn't take the time to clean my finger and just moved to the next one.  It was so handy.


Cynthia S. said...

I guess that's why we have fingers!

CrimsonLeaves said...

I really love the idea of you highlighting one face at a time in the clan paintings, Myrna. What a wonderful grouping that would make too. I can't imagine painting with such large brushes and still getting the detail that you achieve. Wonderful work!

Unknown said...

This painting has so much going for it (value, color composition) and such a sense of 'presence.' Congratulations, Myrna!

David Hunt

Sandrine said...

Hello Myrna,
I sometimes have the same concern about my work not being easily recognizable as being totally consistent in style or in medium but to me part of being creative is being adventurous and trying new things.
I love using my fingers too! Makes me feel like a kis again :-)

Jane ferguson said...

Welcome to my world Myrna, I love using fingers.exciting new piece.

Lisa Graham Art said...

I am so impressed with this work and how you orchestrated it. Nice.

Carol Nelson said...

You're so funny, Myrna. Glad you have 10 fingers to choose from for making your creations.

Meera Rao said...

I am so glad you 'feel free to explore all kinds of materials, ways of working and degrees of representation to abstraction as the mood strikes me' and are not concerned about sticking to one style! I feel the same way but I have been told that I am not a professional since I don't have a consistent style or medium I use. You are a great role model -- You are the most professional and daring artist I know :) keep doing what you do with brushes, stirrers, twigs and fingers (may be toes if you need more digits -he he) I love what you do!

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