Sunday, February 19, 2012




I spent a fair amount of time sketching ideas in my sketch book, playing with value patterns and dreaming about different ideas for paintings for this series, but painting time was scarce. The pressure of painting two full sheets a week for the class is pushing me to paint when I probably wouldn't think I had the time!

 I had the privilege of being the demonstrator for the Society of Western Artists  this Saturday.  My demo was how to texture a watercolor surface with gesso.  I decided to use my Clan series as the subject.  I covered the page with two coats of gesso using a sponge roller.  This is the first time I had done that and I love the surface it creates!  I will definitely be repeating this technique.  When that surface had dried, I scraped additional gesso through two different heavy paper stencils from the scrap booking department at the craft store.  

I used Dr. Martin's Hydrus liquid watercolors to paint with.  The gesso makes a very lift able surface but makes it challenging to build up strong rich color.  The concentrated liquid watercolor works very well on a lift able surface.

The painting went together rather quickly but then the fine tuning seems to take twice as long!  I am very happy with this one.  One more painting to go before Monday class!


Nancy N said...

Myrna, how long do you have to let each coat of gesso dry? One of my challenges with two full sheet paintings each week is how much drying time each layer (not just gesso, but watercolor) takes! -- Nancy N

Myrna Wacknov said...

Hi Nancy, I keep a hot air gun plugged in at my work station. It is hotter than a hair dryer (designed for use with shrink wrap or embossing powers) If things are drying too slowly for me, I hit it with this. Not to use on YUPO or TYVEK unless you like melted plastic !

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