Monday, September 12, 2011


Here are two of the watercolor sketches I made on the trip.  The first is from Damme and the second is from Bruges.

I was having all sorts of difficulties trying to upload and post while on the trip.  I am finally home, tired but so satisfied with all the fabulous things I was able to see and do during the two week sojourn in Belgium and Amsterdam.

There is always so much to do when you return and I am working on sorting through all the photos.  I will try to post each day with a slide show of representative images.  Today I am sharing just a few of the photos from Bruges so you can get a flavor of this gorgeous town.

Jackie, the owner and guide of French Escapade, did an excellent job taking care of us from the charming hotel she selected for us to stay in, the places we traveled and the relaxed pace of the trip PLUS her vast knowledge of the area, language, customs and history of Belgium.  We discussed working together again in 2013 in Provence, France, where she would arrange for us to draw and paint some of the local villagers along with the usual countryside.  If this sounds like an exciting twist on  a painting trip that you might be interested in, send me a note.  I am compiling a list of those who want to be informed of future plans.  In the meantime, check out Jackie's website for more information on a Provence itinerary and accommodations.

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AutumnLeaves said...

Such beautiful watercolors, Myra! You could do a book of your paintings and impressions of Belgium. I know I'd be interested!

Mary Paquet said...

Love the travel sketches. Aren't they a great way to remember your special trip. I am a fan of that area of Europe and have been to Belgium twice.

Good luck on the Provence workshop. I attended one in Les Bassacs with an oil painting group of all things. It was fabulous.

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