Thursday, September 15, 2011


This is a little painting I did of the beautiful floral bouquets surrounding the antique light posts in a Brussels Plaza near the train station.  The buildings in this plaza were incredible but so complicated and I didn't have a lot of time to draw or paint so I photographed them.  
The first shopping galleria in the world

Formal gardens overlooking the city

View of the city from the rooftop restaurant
Open Plaza near the train station

Brussels is a beautiful city.  We were able to tour the Palace which is used for official state occasions but is not where the monarch lives on a regular basis.  It was so tastefully and elegantly furnished until you get to the last room, where the entire ceiling and one chandelier were entirely covered with iridescent green beetle wings!!!!!!  There was no photography allowed so I can't show you how unbelievable this is but here is a link to some images of it  I did get a post card.  Fortunately, this monarch died before he could get the rest of the room covered with the bugs.
So many waffles, so little time!
Beer is taken very seriously in Belgium.

Here are some photographs I took representing a few of the sights and specialties of the city.  Naturally, Belgium Waffles were a big hit, along with chocolate and beer.  It turns out that fries originated in Belgium, not France, and they serve them with mayonnaise.  I guess there aren't enough calories in fries alone, so add some mayo!  Mussels are the specialty of many restaurants as well as lots of other seafood.  How to escape without packing on the pounds?  


AutumnLeaves said...

Gorgeous light post, Myrna. The ceiling/chandelier covered in Thai beetle wings is amazing. That artist or king was definitely thinking out of the box in that masterpiece.

Sounds like your trip was so very special!

debwardart said...

Many years ago on a trip to Florida, my husband and I befriended a couple from Londerzeel, Belgium. They were air traffic controllers "on holiday" - and I learned about the mayo and fries then! I'm enjoying your trip photos - and know you are having a wonderful and memorable trip. Safe journey!

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