Wednesday, July 27, 2011


If you have never been to Bend, Oregon, be sure and put it on your bucket list!  What a beautiful place.  Art in the Mountains workshops are held in the Phoenix Inn Suites right at the foot of a vibrant downtown full of interesting shops and wonderful restaurants plus a gorgeous park where the Dechutes river flows through.  We arrived in time to view a major bicycle event.  I was able to get some wonderful photos of speeding cyclists in a pack.  I don't know if I will ever use them, but it was exciting to be so close to this kind of action.  I did a little outdoor sketching and painting, one of which is decent enough to post a little later.

Sunday  night there was a reception for me to meet the students and them to meet me.  This was such a nice idea.  In fact, there are all sorts of special little touches here that make this venue special.  A small art store is set  up in the workshop as there is no other art store in the vicinity.  Wednesday a masseuse comes in at lunch time for those that want a 10 minute relaxing treatment!  Tonight we will have a class dinner and they also take an informal class portrait that is sent to everyone.  Tracy Culbertson has thought of everything!  

 I have a great group of hard working students and at the end of today we will have a critique of the first painting.  My goal is to photograph them and create a slide show.  Above is the quick demo I did Tuesday.  More to come!


Carrie H. said...

Welcome to Oregon. Is it working? When will you be packing up to move North?

Myrna Wacknov said...

Carrie, Not quite yet! The no sales tax makes it tempting! But Oregon is certainly a fabulous place to visit.

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