Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I am having a hard time generating any enthusiasm for working on this painting because I am not too happy with it at this point and haven't decided how to resolve the thing.  I am determined not to add any collage.  The changes from the last post are:  I scrubbed off the blotchy skin color and then put in cool shadows.  I added warm skin tones over the entire face and hands, including the shadows.  I think I will give it one more pass to punch up some areas.  The backgrounds are really bothering me.  I may have to scrub them out.  I wanted to work in some lettering.  This may totally ruin the piece but when you don't like something, it is the perfect opportunity to go for broke.  After all, this is where I learn the  most.  If I was a formula painter, I could guarantee a decent outcome every time, but where's the fun in that?

I am giving a afternoon class for 26 teachers at the Gallery Concord as part of the California Watercolor Association outreach program.  We will be making Tyvek Envelope Wallets.  This is going to be a fun afternoon.  


AutumnLeaves said...

Myrna, I think this is coming along beautifully! I can't wait to see what you do with the backgrounds. As lovely as they are, I think they distract from the fabulous movements of this little guy. A formula painter? Sigh...I'd be quite happy could I turn out a steady stream of decent paintings. Instead? Every one is a crap shoot, most of which the vision and idea doesn't come out too well in the end. A serious disconnect between vision and ability, despite all the years of working at it.

RH Carpenter said...

Myrna, I know you'll work it out - the backgrounds seem a bit overpowering right now (of course, more will be done to the figures so that will help). Perhaps some white gesso stamped onto the bg to lighten and add lettering or other visual interest? I like where it's going - don't give up on it (this one might be like childbirth = painful but worth it!)

William Cook said...

I think this is a charming piece, because it shows the essence of a young boy who can't keep still for too long. It's refreshing to see how you deal with young subjects, and youth itself. The patterning in the background is suitably playful, and reminds me of static patterns on an old TV--never the same--a wild idea if you can get it working without interfering with the subject. In any event, I wouldn't obsess about the backgrounds--glaze them back and forget em. They fit. The real charm in in the way you're presenting the hands and the bits of face typical of your genius for expression. I don't know what a Tyvek envelop wallet is, but I want one. Sounds sturdy (and light). All the best.

debwardart said...

I preferred Saturday's post with the brighter backgrounds, but no matter - I agree with Bill - this painting is a true delight in capturing the essence of a fidgety young boy. Wish you were closer, I'd love to make a wallet with you!

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