Sunday, June 5, 2011


This is my next version of this charming young man.  Fortunately the drawing is done with walnut ink which is very water soluble so I am hoping I will be able to dissolve the brown "dots" once I start adding color.  Some of the  drawings are less than ideal but I should be able to make some corrections along the way.  This one may not come out the way I hope, but it's just a piece of paper.  Tomorrow I will start adding color.  I hope to have it finished in a few days.  Planning takes the longest but it pays off in the end. There are still plenty of decisions to be made .


Sadami said...

Hi,Myrna! I really look forward to next!!

AutumnLeaves said...

Hope the ink dots melt away when you begin adding water and paint because I so would hate for you to end up starting over. This is so perfect, Myrna! I find myself wanting to laugh as I watch this young man do all this fidgeting. So many of the boys in class when I was subbing could be this little guy and it sure makes me smile.

David Hunt said...

Utterly charming, Myrna. I don't often comment although I follow your generous sharing closely, always deriving inspiration and ideas.

lifeartist said...

You have really captured that "kid antsy-ness" in this. I 'll be checking back to see the its progress.

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