Sunday, May 8, 2011


This is a painting that was half painted for over a year.  I decided to finish it up.  I think it needs some major adjustment.  I won't tell you what it is until after I make it.  Can you find the problem?  I will post the original and resolved photos side by side when I get it done.  In the meantime, you can e-mail me your answer at  The first person who sees the same problem as I do will win a calendar page from my 365 days of self portraits.  I realize there may be more than one problem but I am only addressing the one that bothers me.  It is always risky to ask people to find an error.  Every part will be disected when it is over!  Hence an e-mail response rather than public comments.  

Here is the slide show for the profile paintings done in the Oklahoma workshop.  We only had one day to draw and paint so some of these images are not finished but I wanted to share all the fine work being done. 


Dee Doyle said...

Okay, Myrna,

You have no idea how intimidating it is to critque your work! In my experience with your demos, you usually have a reason for everything you do, but I will take a crack at this. It will be interesting to hear what it is you are looking for!

First, I recognize this as a Morrie painting, and love what you do with him. I think his eyes on this one do not have the contrast [and piercing gaze] you usually have with Morrie. Also, I don't believe you have finished the medallions on his hat band ... they look too white for the rest of the painting. The other thing that I see, and you may have a reason for it, is that his beard, while it has a great deal of texture and interst, is too lost against his textured/patterned shirt.

I see the "path" of yellow thru his right sleeve and up into the brim of the hat, and like that very much. I love the texture overall.

BTW, I went on a studio tour on Camano Island today and saw some work on Tyvek. I asked her about her using it, and she said she had a friend in California who used it ... YOU. Her name is Juanita Hagberg.

What a challenge this is ... ! :-)

hecuba said...

The hat is slightly askew and sits too high on the head, as if it's floating.

Michelle Himes said...

It looks like he is wearing eye glasses, but there is no ear piece.

AutumnLeaves said...

Goodness Myrna! Good thing you wanted emails! LOL I think it is a lovely piece and your students work is so admirable too!

Liz said...

There is too much hat and the white circular shape on the hat is distracting, bringing too much attention to it.

Jeff Chase said...

Is that Shaquille O'Neill's hat?

Chantal said...

Hello, Myrna ! Difficult challenge !
His nose might start too high on his forehead ??
I've been a fan of yours for some time but I've never actually dared write. Thanks for sharing your creativity and ideas.

Marta Benicá said...

São lindos os seus trabalhos. Marta.

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