Sunday, December 12, 2010


The day I arrived, there was a terrible forest fire in the Carmel Mountains that lasted for a number of days.  The temperature was around 80 degrees during the day in Tel Aviv.   The photos above were taken about 5 days ago at the boardwalk along the sea in Tel Aviv.  It was a beautiful sight at dusk and we had dinner at this restaurant looking out at the sea.  They actually lit the candles for Chanukah that night (see photo).  The last couple of days brought a dramatic change in the weather.  Very strong winds, high seas and flooding in some areas from torrents of rain.  Last night on the news we saw this very restaurant had been trashed when flying wood crashed through the glass window and water flooded the place!   The boardwalk was a mess, as well.  Temperatures have dropped significantly.  There is lots of snow up north, where we will be traveling.  I am excited that my white linen pants and flip flop shoes I packed for the 80 degree weather will be so perfect for the snow.  There is something biblical in this situation.

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Jala Pfaff said...

Haha...I went to Israel once. Loved it but froze my ass off...hadn't known it would be so cold (even though it was January). And only saw Tel Aviv for a couple of days--amid rain and flooding.

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