Saturday, December 4, 2010


We spent Thanksgiving in Westlake Village. We went to the Reagan Library. There were many interesting sights, but i thought you all might like to see a photo of his portrait done in his favorite sweet.....jelly bellies...! I have included a detail. This was creative but slightly creepy.

I am in Israel now. The workshop starts tomorrow! It will be interesting to see what challenges will present themselves. In went supply shopping with my sister and discovered that they had Tyvek sheets for sale! I will try to post images from my iPad. I brought my laptop but their transformer doesn't support a the plug I have. I guess it is time to get creative.

I received a note from the Oregon Society of Arts today letting me know the "Variations" workshop in January is quickly filling. Check the workshop schedule for dates. There is a link to the OSA website with slide show and registration form. If you are interested, treat yourself to a nice holiday present, and sign up ASAP.

I am doing the same workshop for the San Diego Watercolor Society January 10 th. I think there are still a few places left. The workshop schedule page on my blog has the contact information there, as well.

When I return I will be adding to the schedule a demo at Kanuga in 2011 and a workshop in 2012 . I am very honored and excited to be teaching in this wonderful venue.
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Carrie H. said...

Oh good, OSA is filling so that means we all get to go out and celebrate while you're here!!!

SOFIA said...


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