Saturday, December 11, 2010


I held a Beginning Watercolor Portrait Workshop in The Artists' House in Tel Aviv.  It is a most unusual building by American standards with exhibition spaces and work spaces tucked in and around in an irregular manner.  It was a bee hive of activity.  There was preparation for over 5 new exhibits this past week with an opening reception on Thursday night.  Over a thousand people came for the reception.  The space I taught in was very crowded but all 15 of the participants eagerly went to work and produced quite a bit of work.  I will be sharing more in the coming days but here are two of the demos I did for the class.  Because of space limitations, I worked on quarter sheets of watercolor paper.  The first painting was created by covering an unpainted sheet of watercolor paper with white tissue paper, glued down with diluted matt medium.  When it was dry, I drew the image with a brush and painted it.  The second image started out as a painting on gesso covered watercolor paper.  I wasn't too happy with the painting, so I added a layer of white tissue with the same glue mixture as above, and let it dry.  I then added paint on top.  


Anonymous said...

Once again you inspire. I just received your book which I ordered and am enjoying it tremendously. Have a wonderful workshop and come home safely. I enjoyed spending time with you and Jerry in Gualala. Looking forward to seeing you again.
Happy Holidays, Affectionately,

Kay said...

wow..great trip for you. I really like the top portrait. I love trying new and different techniques. Have a great day

Mary Crowell said...

very exciting work as usual, you are fast becoming world reknown, missing you here in california.

Anonymous said...

Hi Myrna, I enjoyed hearing about your trip. I am really impressed with your paintings. Your drawing skills are marvelous! Drawing with a brush directly on the paper is something I admire. Wonderful!

meera said...

Wow - wish you a wonderful trip and congratulations on the 5 exhibits and the big reception!!! I love the top portrait a lot!

Sadami said...

Dear Myrna,
Sounded like a very interesting and exciting experience. Your demo works are so impressive. Thank you for sharing your precious techniques.
Kind regards, Sadami

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