Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I have not fallen off the face of the earth! I am in Gualala teaching a workshop. This is definitely G-d's country! On the California Coast, Highway 1 just north of Sea Ranch and an hour's drive south of Mendicino, Gualala is nestled in the Redwoods, the air is freshly scented with ocean and forest. I am being hosted by my new friend Dorise who found me on the internet. Her wonderful home is filled with interesting art she has created and collected from other talented artists. It is a feast for the eyes. I am continually discovering new pieces I overlooked. Fawns were on the lawn yesterday morning as we had breakfast. I hope they are back today. We have no deer in Foster City! I know they eat everything, but what a joy to find such beautiful wild creatures so close.

The Gualala Art Center is amazing. Totally built by volunteers (maybe she meant funded) it is a gorgeous structure tucked in the Redwoods (a state park for camping and hiking is just down the road). This area is a mecca for artists and the creative energy is exciting. It must be wonderful to be surrounded by neighbors who are fellow artists. The Center has interesting exhibits and a huge classroom upstairs where we are working. The art library is to die for. The classroom has wifi internet service so I will have a chance to post from there.

We are having a great time. Everyone is working fast and furious. The first portraits should be finished today. Hopefully I will be able to make a slide show before I leave, otherwise I will create one for next week. I will also make a slide show of this beautiful area and the Art Center.

This is was my demo for the group. Yes, it's Morris again. He is so much fun to paint. I demonstrated texturizing an old painting with gesso. Then I used a new idea from Mary Todd Beam's new book "The Creative Edge". You brayer colored gesso onto aluminum foil (in the book it shows black but I used red) place the wet side down on your paper and draw lines into the back side of the foil. Lift the foil off and add watercolor when the gesso is dry. Everyone in the class got into the spirit of "what if...?" and tried little experiments with the painted foil in slight variations. Next time I am going to save the foil and collage it into a painting.

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