Tuesday, June 16, 2009


This was the demo I did for the workshop. Our old friend "Morris" on Tyvek utilizing the new Daniel Smith Watercolor Sticks. No additional paint was used. I have a few more surfaces to try out this new paint format. The jury is still out but I am having fun experimenting.

Sadly, this is the only photo I have left from the Valley Watercolor Society workshop! I had photographed everyone with their paintings, even taking several shots each to ensure that I would have a good one.

Sunday the entire family went to Long Beach to the Aquarium and the Queen Mary to celebrate, birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, end of school, graduations etc. Took over 200 photos there.

We drove home yesterday and, in a tired state, I downloaded the photos from my camera, cleared the card in the camera, edited the photos deleting the blurry, redundant ones, and then emptied the "trash". Somehow I managed to delete EVERYTHING!!!!!!!! Its gone, all gone. Arghhhh!

Lots of people were taking photos during the critique, so I am hoping my S.O.S. to the group will yield most, if not all, of the paintings by e-mail. Hopefully I will be able to make a slideshow. Everyone did such a fabulous job, I wanted to share their success with everyone.

If anyone knows how to retrieve permanently deleted photos, please share.


"JeanneG" said...

I don't know how to retrieve, but they do it on NCIS and CSI tv shows so it can probably be done. I learned my lesson the hard way too. I now download and check the photos and do any deleting on the computer before I delete from the camera.

Jeanette said...

How frustrating for you! I'm sure others will come to your rescue with photos of the workshop.

RHCarpenter said...

Oh, I'm so sorry, Myrna!! So many photos gone...I know some tech savvy person can get them back but...maybe the group members can send you a few to make a slideshow. Does that mean you lost all of the photos of your day out, too???
That painted guy looks like he's frowning - or just disapproving! Maybe he's saying, "Durned computers!!"

Yorky said...

Oh dear!

You can undelete pictures on a picture card, I did it for a neighbour and retrieved 350 photos of her holiday in Singapore.

Try the free program Photorecovery LE from

carolpete said...

Years ago I found a program on the internet that would retrieve photos from a camera card that had been erased. Can't remember the name and I am not at home where the program resides but I imagine you could google for it.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Best to delete only AFTER you download. I learned the hard way, but only erased one great picture by mistake!
My portrait for your workshop is on Facebook and I hope I can send it to you (from VWS last Saturday June 12).
Your workshop was fabulous and your enthusiasm is contagious!! Thanks for such a great 2-day event.
Veronica Stensby

jane Ferguson said...

What a ....... shame !!!!! guess we all learn our lessons the hard way.

John said...

Digital Cameras use a flashcard to store pictures. There is software that will recover deleted photos if you haven't over written them. Even if you have taken a few more since then using the same flashcard some of the photos may be recovered. Here is a link to a free program you may want to try.

Elflling said...

Myrna, there are softwares designed to retrieve permanently deleted files from computer hard disks -- as long as the sectors used for storing them have not been totally overwritten for something else. Any one of the softwares on the following page can do this, and they are safe to download, from a trust-worthy source -- PCWorld magazine, virus free, and some of them are free of charge as well:


If your hard disk is large, the recovery scan would take quite a bit of time, probably you could start the scan before going to sleep, and wake up to see if it is finished... My sympathies and good luck...

(I have tried this once, and retrieved about 80% of the files I accidentally deleted. .jpg files from camara are small, scattered and very typical, so for recovery programs they are good subjects, not very difficult to recover. The most important thing is do not save any file or make any changes on the hard disk that you hope to recover these photos!)

Chris Beck said...

We did this exact same thing with my niece's wedding photos along with a bunch of family and vacation photos. John and Carolpete are right. Don't take any more pictures on that memory card until you get the images off of it. The files are all still there, just not accessible because you've erased the directory that lets you see them. The rescue software somehow lets you see them again and then you can move them to your hard drive. I'll ask my husband if he remembers what software he got to do this (it was several years ago).

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