Thursday, June 11, 2009


In preparation for my demo tonight at the Valley Watercolor Society meeting, I thought I would spend a little time getting familiar with the image I want to use. This man was photographed in Bordeaux, France in an outdoor flea market. Lots of fantastic looking people there. First, I did a pen sketch using a Pilot extra fine roller ball pen. I found this pen at the office supply store. It is the same pen I used yesterday for all those sketches. The ink is permanent and won't bleed.

The second sketch was done on heavier paper with the vis-a-vis pen. This ink does bleed and so I was able to do some tonal work, then I applied the finer Pilot pen for additional lines.

The last sketch was with the Vis-a-vis pen and then some additional watercolor in blue and vermillion. I was looking for a light pattern i could use with this head. The actual light on the day I took the photo was overcast, so no strong light pattern.

It helps if I have these ideas worked out in advance before a demo as things have to move along pretty fast and no real time to make decisions.

I have been told they will be creating a DVD of the demo tonight and I will receive a copy. Nothing like a little pressure! I hope it comes out well.


RHCarpenter said...

Wow, Myrna, these are all fantastic. I love the Pilot pens but thought they did bleed a bit - I guess I'm wrong (how unusual for me! ha ha).
Love the second one the best - the best of both worlds of black and white and a touch of color. Good luck! You'll amaze them :)

Moyse said...

Hey Myrna, nice work on here, I like your use of colour!

Lucie G said...

I like them all too! It's fun, it's man from my home town in France :-) Probably "le marché de Saint Michel" (?) Hope you have a good time with your demo!

Peggy Stermer-Cox said...

There is something so visually poetic about pen, ink and wash. These portraits have character! I hope you had a good demo!

Anonymous said...

really enjoyed the demo and your willingness to share yourself and your process day by day looking forward to more of the same, and loosening up my own inner censor that makes me too careful david

Fernando Pena said...

Good work on three, different and with unity, hope you have a good demo tonight. Will add to my links

Nava said...

Oh Wow. The look in his eyes!!! And - how do you manage to get all this kind of incredible photos that I always manage to miss?

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