Saturday, February 28, 2009


Bonnie just sent me these photos she took on Friday. I wish she could have been in one of them, but I appreciate having them. We didn't get any paintings finished but have lots of starts with great texture on the paper. Notice the "face" that appeared in the tray from the paint! How mysterious is that?

I spent most of the day being a tourist in La Jolla and then we went into San Diego to the San Diego Watercolor Society building. Wow! It is wonderful. I wish we had such a place in the Bay Area. We are now north of L.A. and will be home tomorrow night. It's been a wonderful, full, exciting and exhausting week.

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Maggie said...

Actually we do have something similar in the Bay area. The old Concord Naval Weapons Station is a huge site with so much potential for a community center involving the arts and other groups interacting and supporting each other much like a mandala. It is close to Bart. I do not know the current status but I suspect current economic trends have had a major impact on it.

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