Saturday, February 14, 2009


When I was in grade school I was always picked last for team sports, the first to sit down at spelling and math bees (thank G-d for spell check and calculators) so I feel very blessed to be picked to receive these blog awards. Today I was picked by two different people for the same award. Thank you Chris Beck and Rhonda Carpenter. The problem is choosing others to pass it on. So, I am going to take an idea from another blog site I read, and choose all of you! Because without your interest in this little site and participation there would be nothing to recognize. I truly appreciate all the generosity everyone has shown and hope to continue this dialogue between you and me for a long time to come. In the meantime, I think I shall become a no-tag zone and let lots of other deserving blogs gain some attention.

I think I was supposed to list 7 things I love so in my last opportunity to share this type of information, I shall share 7 things I hate, in no particular order:

Okay, then. Back to art. When I was experimenting with mono-printing I had some extra pieces of different paper around, so I tried it on this piece of Tyvek (11" x 8.5"). Then I put some of the gesso texture on it and I think a little of the dirty glaze. I decided to add an ink drawing today based on yesterday's sketches. I piled on another layer, this time watercolor. I added a little of the ink in areas to get a darker value. It was an enjoyable way to spend the afternoon.


Chris Beck said...

I recognize this image as a variation on the one you demo'd at AAW. I really like this piece -- the textures and line work and the way the little spots of orange in the hat pick up the color in his face.

Chris Beck said...

p.s. Thanks for the links!!

Nita said...

I love this hatted guy! And I'm so glad you're spending time with him instead of memes and tagging and such. Maybe I'm a grinch, but I come for the art, not meme lists.

He's got such personality and the orange pops!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Creating him sounds like lots of fun. Rhonda too kindly sent me the same award. Isnt it difficult to list 7 special things in life - as my list goes on forever ?? Maybe 'hates' are easier to define.

sanjeev joshi said...

wonderful painting as usual.

Peggy Stermer-Cox said...

You make these portraits sound so easy! You have a gift for mixing different media. I enjoy seeing what you do with your portraits!

Hmm, I got tagged recently too and was wondering what to do. The tags are fun but time consuming. I like the idea of tagging everybody and then establishing a "no tag" zone. I don't like liver either.

RHCarpenter said...

Myrna, when it comes to your art, you'll always be picked first :) Didn't realize Chris had also picked you but hey, 2 awards are good!
Love this guy - he's whimsical, funny, a bit wry, and just so well painted!

Angela said...

I like this guy a lot - makes me think of a modern Merlin.

I personally love oysters, but yesterday I heard someone say, "If you like snot rolled around in some sand, you'll love oysters!"
Thought maybe you'd appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Myrna I love this guy, by his expression he feels exactly like I do. In the middle of having my kitchen remodeled I threw out my back and ended up in emergency, I'm pretty sure I had the same expression .Kitchen still in a mess. I till manage to get a little painting in though.


Michelle Himes said...

Oh, I love this guy! I hope that he ends up in lots of paintings (at least as many as the Frenchman).

Diann Anderson said...

Well said Myrna! This guy is great - I love your style!

Roshanda said...

This is great! I love all of the texture.

Anetka said...

great, great work with the hatted:)
can I ask how do you achieve this kind of background?
I found really beautiful work and great inspiration on your blog. Thank you:)

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