Friday, January 16, 2009


These are 4 value studies I did yesterday in preparation for my next painting. I want to do more because I really like this image and plan to use it to explore color ideas. It gives me so much more confidence to start painting when I have the darks, lights and middle values already decided. I totally messed up the Zentangle painting because I didn't have a plan. That is when I really became a total believer in creating these multi-value sketches. Each time I do one, another variation comes to mind. I finally had to quit after four because it was getting late.

It took quite a few steps to get from original drawing to finished value sketch. The original image was created by overlaying two drawings to create a new one. The resulting pattern is half-sheet size. To reduce it down, I photographed it and then tried to adjust the lighting in the computer. This was nearly impossible because tracing paper on a sliding glass door doesn't photograph white. I then printed it out in a reduced size. There wasn't that much difference between the lines and the background. I went over the lines with a pen, then I traced the small image twice and put that in the copier. It's worth all the trouble because now I can print out as many as I want. I glue them into my sketch book to save them.

I have started the first painting using one of the value patterns. Hopefully, I will manage to finish it tomorrow.


meera said...

Ah - I admire your discipline and persistence! I can see from your experiments the merits of exploring the same subject in many diffferent ways. Something to consider in my practice -- thanks for the inspiration!

Nava said...

Love the bottom right one - very Film Noir.

Sandy Delehanty said...

I am afraid I have to agree with your husband. It does not feel good to be an artist and have your painting stolen espcially when you haven't the funds to hire the attorney to do anything about it. Been there, I know.

Love your blog and recommend it in my newsletter. I should be as dedicated as you! Sandy

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