Tuesday, January 20, 2009


This was such a special day in the history of our country that I had to create something to commemorate the occasion. I kept thinking of this idea all day. I finally had the time to prepare the accordion sketchbook. I took photographs off of the television this morning during the inauguration so I had my own original photographs of Barack Obama to work from. I have finished these three images. I will complete the sketchbook tomorrow. I really think the 2nd image is accurate and the 3rd misses the mark, but that is always the chance you take working this way. I started out using my Interactive Atelier acrylic paints for the stamps. By adding the slow medium, I can take my time preparing the stamp and get a good impression. After the stamped acrylic dried, I added some "dirty glaze". The last step was using the Elegant Writer and using a wet brush for contouring.

Congratulations, Mr. President!!!!!


Chris Beck said...

The second one is my favorite. I like that the text is somewhat faint -- the portrait comes through a bit more. Very nice.

Anita Davies said...

What a wonderful series of sketches!

Amy Sullivan said...

~I think my favorite is also the second one~
they are all wonderful~
~Great ideal taking pictures off the t.v.~
~I used a picture from the paper~

Mary Paquet said...

Myrna, wonderful tributes on such a special day. You are so creative and the idea of pictures of the t.v. is terrific.

Through Chris Beck's comment, I located his blogs. I love his work, and was delighted to see he's started a second blog to feature other artists work, some of whom I recognize. This blog world makes for interesting connections.

meera said...

Nice sketches -Love it! -- Slow poke that I am, I am still thinking about what to do as remembrance or a tribute.

Myrna said...

Just for clarification, Chris is short for Christine! A very very accomplished watercolor artist with many awards to her credit. Both her blogs are wonderful.

Mary Paquet said...

To Chris, my apologies for making an erroneous assumption that you are a man. I realized it after spending more time looking at the blogs and web sites. I have heard your name over the past several years and know you do great work. Hope I get you lots of traffic from my error. I mentioned you in my blog, appropriately gendered, and a lady from Florida is delighted to find out about you and will be following your blogs.

Mary Sonya Conti said...

had to smile when opened up your blog, was doing the same myself; daughter was laughing up a storm that was standing in front of screen pausing it so could get the capture. Finally stopped as started thinking about what was being said and how he was reacting. Found some quite profound as looked back on the numerous poses took. Won't have to remember what was being said at the time, he shows it in his reflection.
Doubt will be able to match your works, however between the images, your works and what the brush stroke tells me will have a complete memory. Thank you!

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