Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Look what I found in the parking lot of my gym! How cool is this? I actually saw it yesterday and didn't have my camera with me. Today, I made sure it was in my bag, and there it was again, parked in the very same spot. I have visions of me driving around in this adorable little thing with one of my paintings covering the entire body. Upon close inspection, the image must have been put on at the factory. It is not a decal and it is not hand painted. We first saw these "smart cars" in Europe a few years ago and thought they were ingenious. There are so many parking spaces in San Francisco where only a car this size would fit! I am surprised there aren't more of them around.

This special car started a dinner table discussion as to copy right protection. If I inserted an image of this car in a painting, am I plagerizing someone's art work. I say it is public property, unsigned, could be wall paper for all I know and it is the same as inserting a famous painting as part of a composition in a gallery or on a wall in a house, etc. I would, however, change the license plates. My husband, ever the attorney, represented the opposing viewpoint.


Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Always thought these little smart cars were no bigger than a buggy and really didnt like them when they started appearing on the English roads some years back - but in this version I'd easily change my mind. It would go with my new VOODOO glasses !!

Mary Lou said...

Cool car Myrna!! Reminds of the VW Beetles from the 60's in southern California that were painted with psychedelic art.

(one thing tho - I'd blur that license plate number and republish your photos)

Mary Paquet said...

Adorable. One of my San Francisco friends bought a Smart car this past spring and sent me an fun picture of her sitting at the wheel. She is in love with her new baby car. I first saw them in Paris in the early 2000s and thought wow, perfect for the city. My friend also drives miles on the highways and says it's very comfy.

Hum, copyright is so complicated. How about folks publish photos and paint pictures of cars that have been grandly customized, like the ones I've seen on Memorial Day in Paso Robles at a major car show. I guess you would have to dig deeper. Solution is to paint the car with one of your pictures or your own design on it.

Maggie said...

How would that paint job be different from the classic cars with custom paint that Karen Mason painted so well? My understanding is the concept of a "reasonable expectation of privacy". You may capture my image in public but not in my backyard.

Doris in Texas said...

I believe Barbara Bush has driven a Smart Car for years.

There are a few in Austin metro but not many.

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