Sunday, April 6, 2008


Yesterday we had a great session. One of my students, Leslie Werner, had broken her right arm. Being right handed, this was a challenge, but she gamely drew and painted with her left hand. She was pretty impressive! I decided to try and draw a few images with my left hand, to get a sense of what she was up against. It is an experience I encourage all of you to try. I didn't try painting with my left, but I will do that soon. I have posted the slide show of some of the work. Everyone is encouraged to do a full version of one of the bozzettos during the week. I used my new overhead mirror for the first time. I think it made things much easier for everyone. It is reasonably light weight and fits in my car for transporting. If anyone wants more information about this mirror, drop me a note.

I had an unhappy surprise when I returned home from the workshop yesterday. Watercolor USA had returned the slide I had entered telling me it was ineligible because it was not painted within the past two years. I don't know about you, but "2 years" means 24 months to me, so something completed in late 2006 is within two years. I guess they were counting 2008 as an entire year even though we were only 3 months into it at the time the slide was submitted. This is the first time anything like this has happened to me. I don't mind if my painting isn't accepted because the judge chose other paintings but I feel unfairly treated when this painting should have been eligible for consideration. I wanted to share this information in case you are asked the year something was painted. I know what I will do next time

I have added a new link to the blog. Annelein Beukenkamp is a wonderful watercolorist in Vermont. Her florals have that fresh, exciting feel like Shirley Travena. Check out her blog and website. We are discussing a date for me to come to Vermont for a workshop.

The workshop page of my website is now updated.


Nava said...

Interesting definition of "within the past two years" indeed. Not very strong on the left brain, are they?

Love these two bozzettos of Mr. Curly - and nice slideshow! If this is how Leslie Werner paints with her hand, I can only imagine what wonders she does when her right arm heals!

Mary said...

Your students have done some beautiful work - sounds like spirited and spunky folks in the class. The paintings have a wonderful looseness and freedom, and the color work is lovely. Your latest two paintings are marvelous.

I am shocked by the reply you received from the show. You certainly have a valid complaint. Certainly my work will be very "recent" if I choose to enter any shows! We learn yet one more helpful fact, albeit an unpleasant one, from following your blog.

I had the pleasure of seeing some fellow bloggers at the Cheng Kee Chee demo sponsored by Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society yesterday. We all marvelled at Cheng Kee Chee's lovely wet-in-wet technique and the handsome paiting of koi that he did in the demo. What a charming and humble man he is, and his explanation of his philosophy was enlightening.

I went back and took another look at your wet-in-wet painting of you as a young girl from a photo taken by your father. You really nailed it. I am inspired to try the technique as I do the latest challenge.

Thank you for your link to the Vermont artist. Now I have yet one more activity to do during my visit to family after my cross-country bicycling tour this summer. Her venues are close to various family homes.

Cecelia said...

That's terrible about the restrictions on the slide. I always heard that one should sign and date art work. I guess not.
The very first jr. high art student I had, years ago, only had one arm. (He went on to be a star quarterback and a life guard! He's my example of people being able to do anything that they really want to do!)
I learned, then, that it helps to tape the paper down in front of the student, and they can work much easier that way.
Also, one creative exercise that is supposed to help you to get into your right brain, is to tape your paper down, then work with your left hand (or opposite hand). It really works!
Enjoyed seeing all the work!

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