Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I was hoping to start a larger painting today. I managed to cover the disaster popcorn painting with gesso and tried some texturing ideas but the only painting I actually did was the door to the studio. Sometimes real life intrudes on artistic life! I am making headway in the studio reorganization and have finally come up with a solution for where to store all the large framed paintings.

In the meantime, here are two more bozzettos I painted on Saturday. I was trying to simplify the shapes. I don't think I am a simplified shape person but I feel it is good to strive to reduce an image to it's essence. Detail is easy, simplicity is amazingly difficult! What is the least amount of information that will still convey what you want to say? These little color sketches are the perfect vehicle for this kind of exploration.

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Mary said...

Myrna, you are so inspiring. Each one of these paintings is unique, and you do that by pushing beyond your comfort zone. Now if I can just find a few minutes to paint!


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